The 2017 Health Coaching Incentive deadline was Monday, November 6, 2017. If you earned the 2017 Incentive before the deadline, the $100 will be deposited into your HSA by the second pay in January 2018.

If you would like to continue conversations with your health coach after November 6, 2017, you are more than welcome to do so.

Additional calls after the 2017 deadline through December 31, 2017 will not count towards any CHS LiveWELL Incentive reward. However, Health Coaching is an excellent way to stay accountable to someone with your health goals. You can even link a Fitbit device to your Total Health Portal and set achievable goals with your coach!

Coaches can:

  • Establish goals for improved health
  • Connect you to appropriate resources within your community
  • Recommend preventive care

Appointments for the 2018 Health Coaching Incentive will begin January 2018!


Health Coaching can be delivered in a variety of ways. Beginning in January 2018, here are some alternatives/exceptions to speaking with a CHS LiveWELL Health Coach:

  • MedCost Smart Starts, Maternity Education program. Pregnant teammates can participate in this as alternative to health coaching. Teammates must begin no later than 20 weeks gestation. No form is necessary. Call 800.722.2157 to participate.
  • MedCost Diabetes Care or Personal Care Management Program. Teammates who have been diagnosed with diabetes or facing a serious or chronic health condition may be eligible to participate. No form is necessary. Call 800.722.2157 to find out if you are eligible. If you are eligible and successfully complete a program, you will avoid the 10% health plan premium increase.
  • CHS CarolinaCARE One-on-One Rx. If you are taking medication(s), you can speak with a CarolinaCARE pharmacist. The pharmacist can partner with you to manage your prescription needs, assist you with planning for pharmacy benefits, make recommendations for cost effective alternatives and provide a comprehensive medication review, and more! No form is necessary. Schedule CarolinaCAre One-on-One Rx appointment.

Notice Regarding Wellness Programs and Protections from Disclosure of Medical Information