Whether you have taken up running or walking to lose weight, to improve fitness, to relieve stress or to compete, you will reap the benefits of being active. Check out some of the upcoming races below. Many offer walk or run options. After you register for a race, grab a teammate or family member to join you for an upcoming training or race event near you!


2017 CHS LiveWELL Race Series

For those who want to take their fitness to a higher level, CHS LiveWELL offers the new CHS LiveWELL Race Series.

Teammates and family members can choose from races throughout Charlotte and other nearby regions. Teammates will earn All in to Win entries and points that will accumulate for prizes when they complete a race.

Register to participate in the race or races of your choice and take a step toward your best health!

Start here to register for a race and also see race results among CHS Teammates.

5K Training & Warm-Up Plans

The 5K is a great walk/run event for walkers, beginning runners and seasoned veterans alike. At 3.1 miles, you can walk the distance in a reasonable amount of time, jog it leisurely, or test your advanced running abilities with a sub 20-minute finish time. Below you will find a few training plans for different ability levels and some great warm up, stretching and strengthening routines for both novices and experts.

5K Training Plans

Running & Walking Preparation

CHS LiveWELL Walk Events

Earn one All in to Win entry per walk event you attend. Visit the Walk Events page to learn more.