Emotional Well-Being

We all may experience moments or periods of emotional or mental overload. These are times when personal health needs a boost. The LiveWELL team is committed to help teammates focus on physical, financial and personal health. Being compassionate to ourselves and others can provide a necessary boost we need to handle our roles at home, work and in life.

Use the following resources or your own personal favorites, to make time to practice emotional/personal well-being. These activities can have a positive impact on your physical and mental health, relationships and job performance.

Make an appointment to experience the benefits of massage. Remember to consider massage for your next teammate appreciation event or recognition. Chair or table massage are available. Some therapists will travel to your location. For more information, call 704-355-8136.

CHS LiveWELL has Massage Therapists available to teammates. Swedish, deep tissue, neuromuscular and sports massage are a few of the modalities offered.

Massage at the Airport Center | Airport Center Massage flyer

Where: Airport Center, Building G, CHS LiveWELL Office
Details: Appointments are scheduled in 10 minute increments. Chair or table massage is available. Call or email to make your appointment with Tamara or Pippa. Payment is due at time of service via cash, check or credit card. (GEMpay is not accepted.)

Wednesdays with Tamara* | 704-750-5531 | burns.tamara88@gmail.com

  • Hours: 1:30 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.
  • Dates: December 6
  • *Other times available upon request

Fridays with Pippa | 704-607-1286 | pippapurcell@carolina.rr.com

  • Hours: 11:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.
  • Dates: December 1 and 15

Massage at the CMC-Mercy

CMC-Mercy Hospital also offers Massage Therapy. Additional details are available by calling 704-304-5003.

CHS Integrative Health: Acupuncture and Tui Na Massage for CHS Teammates

CHS Integrative Health is a type of care that seeks to address the full range of physical, emotional, mental, social, spiritual and environmental factors that influence a person's health and well-being. It also focuses on prevention — encouraging the development of healthy lifestyle behaviors that benefit each person's unique conditions and circumstances.

Integrative health services are available to teammates and family members:

Read the Acupuncture and Relief of Stress for Health Care Workers article to learn more.

20% discount for teammates. Health Savings Account (HSA) Cards are accepted. No referral needed.

Pet visitation has been clinically proven to help lower blood pressure and reduce pain, anxiety, depression and fatigue in people with a range of health problems. This deliberate interaction with a pet has been scientifically proven to provide a calming – even healing – experience.

For more information:

Carolinas Medical Center

The CHS Pet Therapy program allows dogs to enter hospitals to visit patients, their family and staff. 

CHS believes in integrating peaceful spaces throughout our System to promote healing and alleviate suffering. Take time to visit a peaceful space hear you:

  1. CMC/LCH Rooftop Garden
  2. CMC Mercy Healing Garden and Meditation Area
  3. CHS NorthEast Labryrinth and Teaching Garden
  4. CHS University Teaching Garden
  5. Wing Haven Gardens - Free to CHS Teammates on Tuesdays

New! Yoga on the Lawn each Friday

  • 11:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.
  • 720 East Morehead St, Charlotte, NC
  • Side yard facing Duke Endowment Building
  • Instructor: Grace Milsap from Be Yoga on East Blvd

These spaces are meant to be nurturing and therapeutic, to reduce stress for our patients and teammates.

New! Yoga on the Lawn, each Friday, 11:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m., 720 East Morehead St, Charlotte, NC

Deep Breathing and Relaxation

Below are some short audio files with deep breathing and relaxation instructions/techniques.

Weekly Guided Meditation via Skype

Whether you are an expert meditator or new to meditation, we are here for you! Each week will focus on calming and centering the body and mind to feel reinvigorated and refreshed for your work day. Learn tips and tricks to incorporate and calm into your days with ease.

When: Wednesdays from 12:35 - 12:50 p.m.
Where: Skype Meeting
How: Email Jessica.Bubbico@carolinashealthcare.org to be added to the invitation.

Carolinas HealthCare System LiveWELL believes managing stress and transforming it into positive energy is an integral part of our wellness journey.

Provided on a confidential basis, the EAP counselors offer help when you need it most. For more information check their website or call 704-355-5021.  

EAP is a short-term, solutions-focused counseling program. You can use up to six sessions, at no charge, as a pre-paid benefit to all CHS teammates. If you need more than six sessions, an EAP counselor will provide external referrals that can be used for a fee.

EAP also offers webinars on the following topics:

May 2017
Organization, Time Management, and Goal Setting
June 2017
Normal Teen Behavior
July 2017
Single Parenting
August 2017
Stress Management
September 2017
Dealing with Difficult People
October 2017
Surviving the Holidays
November 2017
Releasing Anger
December 2017
Stress Management

View the 2017 EAP Webinar Schedule for detailed dates and times. To register for a session, call 704-355-5021.

The EAP program is designed to help you and your family emotionally cope with all types of issues – marital conflicts, financial problems, job stress, legal issues and more.

CHS Teammate Coverage for Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services

In order to receive benefits for non-emergency care, you must receive advance certification by calling CBHA at 1-800-475-7900 and you must use a CBHA provider. Click here to search for CBHA network providers.

About CHA

As a provider-owned managed behavioral health organization, CBHA values our provider network as one of our most valuable assets. CBHA is proud of the collaborative relationships we have with our network and CBHA is always open to feedback from our Providers as we strive to improve our policies, programs and processes. CBHA reviews and updates the Provider Manual annually and makes available the updated version on its website every January. CBHA also communicates with our Provider Network via of Provider Newsletter.

Part of our commitment to quality is maintaining a comprehensive network of providers and facilities for our enrollees. Based on the 2008 Provider Satisfaction Survey results, 96% of contracted providers were satisfied with participation on the CBHA provider panel. CBHA maintains a network of over 1400 individual providers and more than 40 facility-based providers throughout North Carolina. With such a complete panel of contracted providers, CBHA expects enrollees to receive outpatient treatment within a travel standard of 30 miles of 30 minutes. The accessibility travel standard for facility-based care is 45 miles or 45 minutes.

The Professional Relations department is responsible for network development, credentialing/re-credentialing, provider orientation, and monitoring provider compliance with CBHA’s policies and procedures. The Professional Relations department is also responsible for conducting site reviews and record audits in some practices to insure compliance with CBHA’s record keeping standards.

Network adequacy is measured against covered lives in each geographic area to determine that sufficient numbers of providers are available to meet the demand for services. Prior to joining the CBHA network, providers must be contracted and credentialed. Credentialing is handled by the CBHA Professional Relations department which performs primary source verification including education, licensure, board certification, malpractice liability coverage, DEA registration (if applicable), and National Practitioner Data Bank reports. After all primary source verification is complete, CBHA’s Behavioral Health Quality Improvement Committee (BQIC), whose membership is comprised of a cross-section of the provider network, is responsible for the final approval for credentialing. Any Provider questions or concerns should be directed to the CBHA Professional Relations Department by calling 1-800-475-7900 or emailing info@cbhallc.com.

Mental Health Benefits Information from the Health Plan Summary Plan Document

  • Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders Services Note: Requires precertification by CBHA. See Appendix A for details. CHS Network Other In-Network & CBHA Non-Network Inpatient 70% after deductible 60% after deductible 50% after deductible Outpatient Facility 70% after deductible 60% after deductible 50% after deductible Outpatient Physician 75% after deductible 70% after deductible 50% after deductible Psychiatrists (M.D.), psychologists (Ph.D.) or Masters of Social Work (M.S.W.) may bill the plan directly. Other licensed mental health practitioners may be asked to file claims under the direction of these professionals, depending on credentialing guidelines.
  • The Plan Participant should call Carolina Behavioral Health Alliance (CHBA) at (800) 475-7900 to receive certification for services for the treatment of mental health or substance use disorders. CBHA will ensure that all Plan Participants receive necessary and appropriate care while avoiding unnecessary expenses. Carolina Behavioral Health Alliance (CBHA) is a Third Party Administrator contracted by the Plan to administer and pay claims for mental health and substance use disorders benefits. CBHA is a network of mental health and substance use disorders providers including Licensed Professional Counselors (LPC), Licensed Psychologists (PhD), Licensed Psychological Associates (LPA), Licensed Clinical Social Workers (LCSW), Licensed fee-based Practicing Pastoral Counselors (CFBPPC) and Licensed Substance Use Disorders Counselors (LSUDC). When you call CBHA, a trained and licensed mental health or substance use disorders professional will answer your call. He or she will discuss your problem and make a referral for evaluation, counseling or treatment to a Network Provider. Referrals are based on your needs and the Provider’s availability and experience with your kind of problem.
  • Family Therapy / Counseling Family Therapy/Counseling is considered an eligible expense when provided by a licensed mental health practitioner.

See Appendix A. Page 72-73 

Carolina Behavioral Health Alliance, LLC coordinates CHS teammate coverage for mental health and substance abuse services.



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